Компания Max Group - создание интерьеров


«Max Group» creates modern solutions for professional interior.

We offer you individual development of commercial equipment, furniture, design for offices, shops, restaurants, bars, fast food, cafes and nightclubs. If you are interested in designing a demonstration zone, trading platforms, as well as your showroom or interior manufacturing, it is worth working with our architects and designers.

Our company provides full range of services, from the project development to manufacturing the complete model. Proper production allows designing elements of any complexity developed with modern technologies and materials. Our professionals work with such materials as aluminum and stainless steel, artificial stone and silica glass, plastic and polyurethane enamel, metal and wood.
Individuality and attention to customer's needs are the main features of our attitude to any project.


Solutions for cafes and restaurants:

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Solutions Shop-in-shop and Showroom:

  Shop-in-shop Toshiba   

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Solutions for shops and commercial equipment:

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